Free Consultation

We consult people for choosing the right tattoo designs which they will never regret in life. If you don’t know what tattoo you want to get. We help you find out your own expression. Which eventually justifies your perspective and there’s no room left for regrets about the tattoo in the future.


Conceptual Customized Tattoos

In the consultation session we help you discover the expression you would like to get inked. We discuss with you about your perspective towards life or your personality in detail. If you have a specific concept we help you build it more profound by providing significant ideas for the design. If you don’t have any specific design or any idea at all about what you want inked on your body, we help you with finding that out. Every design we prepare for you is entirely based on your own life experiences and concepts & is as unique as you are!

Technically Sound Tattoos

Apart from building the story and the concept we make sure you choose the right tattoo style depending on your skin color. Also, it is important to us that we give you the artwork which is beautiful at the same time it is technically correct. It’s important to understand that art is a skill and apart from your tattoo being your expression it is also a visual art and that art should be visually flawless, without carrying any technical errors.


Realistic Tattoos

In order to get a realistic tattoo done it is very important that you find the right artist. It is essential that the artist has studied the basic fundamentals of how 3 dimensional objects work in order to make a realistic tattoo. Even though not everyone will have the technical information about how fine art or artistic skills work. We recommend that you check every artist’s portfolio before you decide to get a realistic tattoo done from them.

Experiments & Other Styles

We work with variety of styles such as Geometric tattoos, Biomechanical tattoos, Black and grey tattoos, Oriental tattoos and many more. Apart from all the styles that already exist we are open to unique ideas. If anyone is looking for their own unique style tattoo design, we are willing to experiment with different free styles and abstractions.


Coverup Tattoos

If you have a badly made tattoo which you certainly don’t like. We would be more than happy to cover it with a beautiful design for you.