Who We Are?

The body map art studio was established in 2016 by Tripti Dhiwar and Rohan Bhardwaj. We specialize in creating second to none conceptual tattoo designs. The entire concept is based on implementing and providing the most aesthetic conceptual tattoo designs to the world. We are rigorously dedicated to creating distinctive artwork for each individual.

What We Do?

We customize the most alluring tattoo designs for you. Each artwork we work on is based on one’s own life experiences and priorities. Every design we deliver is especially customized and executed by our artist. We respect the vibes and emotions you all hold within regarding your tattoos and we would like to put in the same amount of efforts to make those moments memorable for you. Give us an insight into your story and we will put our heart and soul to ink that story in its most authentic form on your body. Join us to bring your concepts to life.

Our Team

Founder, Tattoo Artist, Visual Artist

Tripti Dhiwar

Tripti Dhiwar is a fine artist who taught herself the art of tattooing. Tripti's work doesn't really portray a particular style. She likes experimenting with anything and everything that calls her. Most of her artworks are vividly different from each other. Her intention is not to create her own style rather she wants to keep experimenting with the technicalities of art along with exploring the beauty around. She is seeking for the spontaneity every subject demands and how aesthetics works in terms of expressing beauty. She wants to strongly emphasize that the purpose of art is to express beauty and not emotion. Art provides an experience of a deeper dimension to the painter and viewer as it holds you apart from the chaos of life for so long. Her core practices involve the analysis and experiences of beauty and not emotion in her art. Although some of her favorite styles are representational and contemporary art. She is more focused on the evolution of her art through getting to understand the deeper truth about art.

Co-Founder, Studio Manager, Tattoo Consultant

Rohan Bhardwaj

Rohan bhardwaj Is the man who holds the studio together. Apart from managing the studio he consults clients to find the most appropriate tattoo design for them. He believes that every tattoo is a deep expression of an individual. He has helped a lot of people to find the most suitable design that expresses their persona. His objective is to make people aware of how exactly tattooing works, right from understanding yourself to choosing the right design and finding the right place with accurate hygienic conditions.