The Body Map Tattoos

Aiming to say the most in the simplest way


About Us

The Body Map Tattoos Studio was established in 2016 by professional tattoo artist Tripti Dhiwar and Rohan Bhardwaj. We customize the most alluring tattoo designs for you. The entire concept is based on implementing and providing the most aesthetic tattoo designs to the world.


Join us to bring your concepts to life.

How we work?



The deliberate introspection - While we explore the significant narratives of your life, we extract the thoughts and ideas that build the entire concept for your tattoo design.



Assembling the landmarks - The thoroughly discussed narratives will be put into stunning compositions that express your story. Not only we make beautiful designs that express your emotions we make sure we deliver accurate artistic skills.


Understanding the value

Once the conceptual tattoo design is ready for you, we suggest you the budget considering it doesn’t harm your pockets.


Let’s get it engraved

Enjoy the process of getting your tattoo engraved in the pleasant and hygienic ambience of our tattoo studio in Pune.


Pratik Jadhav 

I got my very first tattoo from this place and after a year and a half got two more tattoos made from
here. The studio is amazing and cheers to Tripti and Rohan for the guidance in deciding the design
and concept... coming back for more...

Nikita Bobade

it's my 5th tattoo and the best one. Everyone just liked the intricacy of the tattoo as if it's made by a
pen , such a fine lines one could never imagine.
She's truly an artist. Thanks Tripti.

Anupam Banerjee

What I liked was the attitude of Rohan, he took long 1 hr on discussing why this design and what
better can be done.
Tripti is very talented tattoo artist and painter.
I would recommend everyone to pay one visit and you will definitely like their approach and talent.
Tripti is responsible for my second tattoo and I would love to have many more in future.

Paavaan Gandhi

Got my first tattoo from here day before yesterday.
Amazing place and friendly people.
The artist Tripti is really talented. Will surely get my next tattoo from here itself. And have even
started recommending my friends to get a tattoo from here.

Asemahle Mgayi

When getting your first Tattoo it is essential to find the right place and the right people to get it done.
The Body Map Tattoo Studio was that place. They are friendly, professionally and the true epitome
of amazing. I got my first tattoo done there and I am confident in saying it is the best Tattoo Studio in
Pune if not India

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Enjoy the process of getting your tattoo engraved in the pleasant and hygienic ambience of our studio.